Keto Made Simple

Why Ideal Protein?

Losing weight can be a challenge, but the process of weight loss is simple. The Ideal Protein Ketogenic Weight Loss Protocol is a medically developed 4 phase protocol containing 2 key components – weight loss and a healthier lifestyle education so that you are empowered to sustain your weight loss results over your life course.

What To Expect From Your Ideal Protein Experience

  • One-on-one coaching throughout your Ideal Protein journey
  • A personalized approach to setting your weight loss goals based on your individual health profile
  • Gain a fundamental knowledge of nutrition and how your body gains and loses weight
  • Online tools and ongoing support to maximize your success
  • Easy to prepare, affordable delicious food and keto recipes
  • Lifestyle education, coaching and guidance to help you sustain your Ideal Weight

Gary’s Success Story

“Exciting changes!
60 lbs gone: check
No more diabetes: check
Eliminating unnecessary prescription meds: check
Liking what I see In The mirror: Check and mate!
Yes, 60 lbs!  Went from XL/XXL to well, much smaller… depending on brand. The 38’s and 40’s are gone baby! The 34’s and 32’s are workin’ just fine now! The before and after pictures tell the story. I have been a skinny man living in a fat guy’s body for WAY too long and I am glad to be OUT! No fad diet, no magic wraps, no special pills (I do take supplements), but clean healthy eating, the support of my amazing wife, and a lot of coaching from Tami Albritton on the Ideal Protein protocol made it all possible!”
Gary's before photoGary's After Photo
Christene before photo heavierChristene after photo smiling and lower weight

Christene’s Success Story

“I began this journey to finally lose my “baby” weight. I had gained about 70 lbs during pregnancy several years ago … My son is now 8! I found it hard with the stress of life and work to tackle losing the weight. Ideal Protein and Tami have been great! It took 8 months but I lost 75lbs – which ironically is only 2 lbs off from what my son weighs now! —So I finally lost my baby weight!”
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Free Consultation

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