Holistic Living Expert, Certified Wellness and Life Coach & Registered Yoga and Meditation Teacher


To help women connect to their true nature, feel comfortable in their own skin and love themselves enough to live a healthy lifestyle!


Empowered women, caring for themselves first so they can make real change in themselves, their families and communities!


World Peace! If you want to make peace in the world, first make peace in you. So, to heal the world, we must first heal ourselves.

My story of empowerment

Hi, my name is Tami, nice to meet you! I wasn’t always the happy, healthy and empowered woman you see in my photos. I used to be unhealthy, stressed and miserable! My self-sabotage switch was turned on high, the voice in my head was a mean girl and I was definitely living in victimhood. Yes, I had a lot to overcome; sexual abuse by my step-father and a completely dysfunctional mother who knew, but didn’t protect me and a father that wasn’t around (in large part because of my crazy mother). But, don’t we all have a story that causes us to believe something about ourselves that just isn’t true? That subconsciously shapes who you are and defines your self-worth? My abuse led me on a journey of healing that I am eternally grateful for. That doesn’t mean that if I had it to do over again, I would choose that childhood, but I learned to make peace with it because of everything that healing from it has taught me. The journey of healing my body, mind and spirit, ignited a passion to help other women find their inner peace.

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