8 Weeks of WOW

What we believe about food and eating is a reflection of all of our beliefs.

Why Start the Journey?

What is the REAL reason (not the excuses) you can’t live a healthy lifestyle? What are the subconscious beliefs holding you back from becoming the healthy goddess you were born to be?  

We are more likely to get better if we know WHY we are having a certain problem. “Diets” treat the symptom and not the root cause.  What you put in your head is far more important that what you put in your mouth. Join me on a journey to lighten the mind and lighten the body, because heaviness in the head creates heaviness on the hips and clarity trumps willpower.

Learn to Love Yourself

The absence of self-love, creates self-sabotage. Your body loves you, learn to love it back!

Support to reach your wellness goals

Through small groups of 6-8 women or one-on-one coaching, you will gain the tools to stop the self-sabotage and take back your power!

Love Yourself More Than Food

If you are eating for any reason other that hunger, no diet will ever work. Discover that nothing tastes as good as healthy feels!

Change your mind, change your body

Self-approval and self-acceptance in the NOW are the keys to positive changes.

When you change your relationship with yourself—ALL of your relationships change. Become aware of and change the subconscious thoughts, beliefs and triggers that are holding you back. Attacking your body with diets and grueling fitness regimes may create body changes, but until you do the inner work, you’ll still be stuck in the same place. 8 Weeks of WOW will take you on a journey of self-discovery that puts who you are and what you need in perspective so you can reach your wellness goals without the struggle. Begin to love the body you’re in, exactly as you are, so you can be happy with what you have while you work for what you want!

“It’s only when we alter our eating habits out of love and respect for ourselves that lasting change has any real chance to take root in our lives.”
~ Katherine Woodward Thomas

Ready for REAL Change?

Benefits that Exceed Expectations


Truly an awesome experience that exceeded my expectations! I learned I am ok right where I am, this is a vast change from feeling the need to control everything and have found life to be a lot less intense and a lot more peaceFUL. I choose to eat better foods by paying attention to how I feel. Food is no longer used as a coping mechanism. I’m grateful for the worksheets that I can use for review and refinement of myself in days/years to come! Tami always had an antidote or possible solution for life’s little challenges! Life is TOUGH – Get a Coach! I did! Thank you Tami for being YOU!