Getting healthy isn’t about being good, it’s about being good to yourself – Lighten your mind and lighten your body with Tami.

Can Help With That!

Tami Albritton Coaching will give you the tools to shift habits and get out of self-sabotage, so healthy never has to feel like hell again! Through wellness coaching, life coaching, and/or weight loss coaching, I’m here to help you reach your goals!

  • Lose Weight

  • Eat Healthy

  • Exercise Regularly

  • Meditate Daily

  • Make Yourself a Priority

  • Love Your Body

  • Build Confidence

  • Increase Self-Worth

  • Boost Self-Esteem

  • Find Your Voice

  • Live Fearlessly

  • Live Mindfully

  • Achieve Inner Peace

  • Reduce Stress

  • Have More Energy

  • Sleep Better

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8 Weeks of WOW for a Lifetime of Change

Transform yourself into a healthy, vivacious, can’t-keep-up-with-her kind of woman with my exclusive, proven, effective and fun program. Tami Albritton’s Women Only Wellness (WOW) Coaching will take you from bloated, icky, stressed, uninspired and exhausted to becoming a woman with spring in her step who glows from the inside out!

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They Did It and So Can You!

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Meet Tami

Hi! I’m Tami Albritton and cultivating a lifestyle of freedom and health is my passion! My love of helping people led me to become a Certified Wellness and Life Coach to share with others how recognizing and changing what you are thinking empowers you to have the life, health and inner peace you deserve.

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Many programs and self- help books tell you to change your thinking, habits and patterns. This program gives actual step by step instructions and clear daily objectives and exercises to show you HOW to change. The daily exercises alone would have been helpful, but what takes this program to a magical level is Tami herself. Tami is one of the most generous, supportive, and compassionate people I have ever met. The combination of the thoughtfully and well-designed structure of the program with the unwavering support and encouragement from Tami, make this program priceless to me. I am so grateful.